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How to place an acca on Bet365?

25 January 2017
par admin

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Perhaps I’ll start out here by explaining exactly what an accumulator bet, or an “acca” as it’s sometimes known, actually is, as compared with a regular bet. These types of bets comprise multiple bets, on different games or matches. Each accumulator bet must have at least three selections, and if all three are correct, well you win your bet and this could lead to a very big pocketful of money! If you’re familiar with American casinos, they have slot machines where they also use this system, calling them progressive bets, and they are much more lucrative than the regular machines.

How to

If, like many people, you’re an online better, this is an easy process. Just log into Bet365, either to join or using your betting account. Let’s say we’re looking at soccer games today, so you go onto the left hand side of the screen and look at what’s on for the day.

For example, if you’re into Premier League, you choose at least three of the matches in the League for your accumulator bet. Your virtual betting slip is on the right hand of the screen and you’ll be looking for “Multiple Bet Options.” After that you have to find the name with 1@’ next to it, which is the accumulator option. You choose how much you’d like to bet, and the yellow “Place Bet” button is right at the bottom – and that’s it! You’ve done your first accumulator bet in Premiere League Soccer! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Accumulator bet Bet365


Now, how to beat the odds, and increase your winnings. You know, your favourite team isn’t always the one that wins unfortunately. The key player could be under the weather, be a victim of a red card, or sometimes it’s just bad luck, but this is the name of the game. You can look online on loads of sites that will give you the statistics, of course this concerns the past, but they are going to give you a good idea of who to bet for on the match that interests you. Even in the sports section of the paper, if you prefer that, is a good place to start.

Going back to Bet365, there is currently a soccer accumulator bonus where, depending on the number of your selections in your accumulator, if you do win, you’ll have a hefty cash bonus. For example, with a selection of three, you’ll have a 5% bonus, a selection of 6, a 20 % bonus, a selection of 10 goes way up to a 60% bonus and a 100% bonus for a selection of 14 or more. This of course only applies to bets placed before the game begins, but if you’re betting online, it makes sense to do try it.

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