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bet365 vs Betfair: Which Brand Offers Better Sports Betting Experience

16 April 2021
par Betty

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I am a passionate sports bettor, and it is one of my most favourite hobbies. I have previously used several different brands. However, over time, the two platforms that have caught my eye are definitely bet365 and Betfair. In this review, I compare bet365 vs Betfair.


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Bonuses: bet365

When it comes to bonuses, picking the right one is often a matter of personal preference. I am not going to go into details about what brand offers what type of bonus, but I am going to start off by talking about the importance of where you can use that bonus.

My first impression is that bet365 still has more to offer in comparison to Betfair. This is what makes their bonus actually more valuable. During the registration process, I entered the bonus code 365BETMAX to have more fun.

The bonus code 365BETMAX can be used during registration but does not change the offer amount in any way.

Additionally, bet365 Bonus Code (T&Cs apply) can be subject to change, so telling you which brand has better welcome offer would be unfair, as this information changes from time to time.

I have decided that bet365 has better bonuses to offer. The bet365 brand simply offered a higher number of bonuses for both the new and already existing customers. This brings more value to the player.

In the past bet365 had a Refer a Friend Program, but now it is not available.

bet365 betting market

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Betting Markets: bet365

As much as I could gather, whatever I wanted to bet on, I could do on both of these platforms. It is really challenging to decide between bet365 vs Betfair betting markets. Both brands offer plenty of options, and you can practically bet on anything you like.

However, if you dig in a bit deeper, bet365 simply covers an incredible number of markets. Additionally, the brand also covers a wider range of sports than Betfair.

bet365 bets

Image Taken: 28/04/2021

It is important to mention though, sports offers vary, depending on the visiting customer’s country. When it comes to the UK, my experience says that you will be able to bet on a wider range of markets with bet365.

Odds: Betfair

The moment I decided that I was going to do a bet365 vs Betfair comparison, I knew that it would be challenging. When it comes to odds, these brands are very close to each other. It is no wonder they are so popular in the UK.

I decided to go through more popular sports and do the comparison. I went over basketball, soccer and tennis odds. Through my evaluation, I have come to the conclusion that Betfair really does offer the best odds in the market, but by a very thin margin.

There are different games in all sports where bet365 managed to offer better odds. In fact, the two brands are closer than you think, but technically, Betfair is the winner.

However, these minor differences will not really change your betting experiences. The truth is that brands actually much closer to a tie than one being better than the other, at least when it comes to betting odds.

Keep in mind that odds are always subject to change and oscillate greatly in live betting.

betfair offer

Mobile App: bet365

I’ve noticed that plenty of brands have made their switch to mobile platforms. Of course, this was expected, as the majority of people are now using them. But not all of the brands managed to make the transition to mobile smooth. However, as we are talking about two great brands here, therefore, I took the time to take a close look at each of these apps.

What I could conclude comes down to a very close tie. Both brands provide an abundance of features for their customers. Additionally, apps are well optimized and run great. I took a look at the iOS version of the apps, but I believe that Android ones are as good. Even though both apps provide a lot of similar functionalities, I had to focus on some details, which were in favour of bet365.

This is why, in the bet365 vs Betfair mobile battle, the advantage went to bet365. I will talk more about what made me pick bet365.

app bet365

Image Taken: 28/04/2021

Live Betting and Streaming: bet365

Like with all the others we compared with bet365 vs Betfair, live betting is equally good with both brands. The variety and selection practically match. Also, the odds are quite similar, but as already stated, Betfair provides a minor advantage in some cases.

However, when it comes to live-streaming, bet365 simply offers more options. While you can follow over 140,000 different events with bet365, you can follow around 100,000 with Betfair. This is a big difference. This is why I have given the advantage to bet365 in the mobile section as well, as both of the brands support this feature on mobile too.

However, punters need to remember that they need to have funded accounts or placed a bet within 24 hours. Also, the availability of the event for live streaming might vary depending on the player’s location.

bet365 live streaming

Image Taken: 28/04/2021

When it comes to these features and odds too, I have to stress the following:

  • Live streaming is geographically limited and that not all customers will have the chance to enjoy this high number of live streams.
  • Always check odds correctly with any bookmaker.
  • Keep in mind that the above-mentioned information is likely to change over time.

Overall Rating

After thorough research, I can conclude if you are thinking between bet365 vs Betfair, the former is a better choice overall. However, they are very close in terms of odds, features and overall offer they have for their customers.

It was difficult for me to make the choice, but the winner of the bet365 vs Betfair duel is definitely bet365.

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