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Bet365 Horse Racing Betting – Tips for Punters

13 June 2021
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Every punter uses a different approach to the game. However, regardless of the category that we fall into, the primary objective of bet365 horse racing betting is to enjoy the challenge of trying to pick a winner. 

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Bet365 Horse Racing Betting Offers in 2021

Before we get into a bet on horse subject, new and experienced punters should always be open to new ideas and new advice, this allows you to learn how to filter the bad ideas and information while soaking the benefits of the wide range of helpful stuff, and follow country’s bet restrictions.

Do not approach bet365 horse racing betting expecting a miracle because you got your bet365 bonus code, and there is nothing that can guarantee you top dollar in this betting field. However, we have some helpful horse racing tips and tricks that will enable you to use common sense and take a logical approach that may lead you to become a professional punter. Meanwhile, check our betting tips:

Every year there are hundreds of horse racings in the UK and worldwide, find all the events on where you can learn more about horse racing with bet365, and find for example, exclusive bet365 Cheltenham betting promotions.

Look for Consistency

This is one of the most ignored rules when it comes to punting on betting markets. First and foremost, make use of the best horse racing tips and carefully monitor the horse’s form. For example, a horse that has performed well and won in its last few racing events, such as Champion Hurdle could be the one to pick for the next Cheltenham betting.

The theory here is, back a horse on bet365 horse racing that has a proven ability to win or come close to winning. These horses could have thirty or forty per cent of emerging as winners in antepost bets.

Pick Horses That Are First And Second in the Betting Market

In bet365 horse racing, statistics have proved that first and second favourites come out on top in most horse racing events, including Cheltenham races. This is called going with the flow and should not be ignored. When you choose to follow the statistics, the first or second favourites win fifty-one per cent of their races while those that do not win forty-nine per cent. The betting news are that horses that are not first or second favourites have a turnover loss of -22 per cent.

Bet365 Horse Racing Betting

Learn the Statistics Game

Statistics play a pivotal role in picking horses which apply to win so you need to pay close attention; the bet365 horse racing betting section provides some of them. What you look for in a horse race is a statistical edge, meaning you can find value in the odds compared to the genuine probability of the horse winning.

You are at a definite advantage when you back at 5/1 and the horse commences at 4/1. There is a lot to learn on statistics and you should also know that 85% of races have been taken by horses that have had an outing within three weeks: this is high-value information.

Keep your Cool and Maintain Silence

Many punters blurt out information about a particular horse to others while online betting. However, the smart ones are quiet and never give out credible information, be it notable statistics, or an insider tip that you may have unearthed along the way. Don’t be tempted by the punters who talk a lot, be cool and don’t share information with anyone. This is a big advantage of betting on a bet365 horse racing site and not at a betting shop…

When many people are on a roll, they tend to become overconfident and get risky. While you are on a winning streak, just play cool and know that every day is not a Saturday. Do not allow enthusiasm to get the better of you and pull an extra £100. Note that it can take a couple of minutes to blow your entire savings, it is important always to exercise caution.

Stay Away From OddsOn Bets

Many punters continually make this mistake related to betting odds that are best avoided. The minimum gain and minimum loss must be even. In an instance whereby the horse racing odds are shorter than even money, for example, when the odds are £1.90 for £1 risked, the rule here is to stay away and don’t fall into the trap.

During horse races, all of us love the idea of our favourite horse carrying the day. At the same instance, there is a temptation to back an outsider hoping that it will bring you luck. This is not being logical and practical: if you have a couple of extra pounds to play with go for the long shot. Otherwise, let your common sense prevail and stick to assessing the horse’s form.

Bet365 horses betting

Carry Out Investigations After a Race

When your horse prevails, you rejoice but when it doesn’t, that should not let you down, this is your time to investigate. This is one of the signs of a true punter: you may find that during your analysis, you may have made a mistake by focusing on the wrong aspect. The plan here is to look for what did not go according to plan. There could be reasons such as a change in jockey, a slight dip in form or track conditions.

Always Go For the Superstar

Whether it’s a jockey, a trainer or the horse, the best always stand out and gives greater potential when it comes to horse betting at your bookie. Instead of risking your hard-earned money and going for the inconsistent, new or unknown always go for the best. Going for the known in bet365 horse racing is vital especially when it comes to the jockey and horse combination while keeping an eye on the trainer as well. If the lineup does not have the best, it is important to cut back on your bets.

Horses show their prowess the more they get into the racing groove and this is another reason to check on form guides. When you stick to your strengths, you have a better chance of making it to the top. On bet365 horses betting, have a look at the odds: in general, they provide you with an insight about superstars.

bet365 horse racing tips

Listen But Trust Your Judgement

Everyone has their personal views when it comes to bet365 horse racing offer codes: from trainers, track reporters, jockeys and horse owners. Everyone has his or her views but that does not necessarily make it the truth. Sometimes it pays to pay attention to the advice of what others have to say nevertheless you should leave it at that. It is your judgement that counts. It is important to remember that what others have to say is their opinion and not the total truth.

Horse Racing with bet365 Should Be Fun, Not Stressful

If you want to avoid stressing when bet365 horse racing betting the most important thing to do is to set a budget. Do not wager more than you can afford. The moment you put in enormous sums of money is the moment you introduce stress into your life. Just enjoy the races and don’t allow the fear of losing to get to you: if you notice that it’s getting to you, then it is time to take a break. Closely monitor your cash reserves to build up your confidence. Do not let stress get to you: it could put you in a bad spot that’s hard to get out of.

Besides, bet365 offers a lot of seasonal betting promotions, during important events, such as Cheltenham races or Grand National. Those offers usually include bet365 best odds guaranteed or price promise. Make sure to check your bet365 account regularly during the time of horse racing.

Know that Learning Takes Time

If you decide to become a regular punter, know that there is plenty for you to learn, and it takes time. On bet365 horse racing betting apps or on your computer, it is easy to place cheap bets on many races on a regular basis without having to go to betting shops or to go to different events, while using specialized betting apps. Exactly like at poker, the more hands you play, the more you learn – as far as you want to.

You should set some time aside to catch up on the latest in regards to bet365 horse racing and concentrate on the form. Only focus on the races that you have planned to back horses on in the coming event. You will note how a simple analysis can make you confident. Every wager should be a crucial decision and since you are going through a learning curve, enjoy the ride.

When Things Get Tough, Take Time Off

When you are on a losing streak on bet365 horse racing, take a breather. A losing streak can hurt your confidence causing you to make questionable decisions. When you find yourself in this type of situation, it is probably a good idea to back off and take some time to clear your mind. You will find out that after the hiatus, you will be refreshed with tonnes of confidence. A break enables one to assess and improve their strategies instead of making stupid and regrettable decisions.

The Two-Horse Dilemma

Most of the punters are caught in a dilemma when two or more horses are fancied. This is the ideal time to study keenly your form guide and then confirm your option on bet365 horse racing. If you still cannot decide, the most viable option is to back both horses. However, check the odds and if they are too low, skip the race and look for better chances elsewhere. You should never back a horse that does not have value for your money.

In bet365 horse racing, never put your eggs in one basket, it is imperative to spread your bets evenly like a real sensible punter. In short, making sound decisions is the primary tactic when it comes to punting: this is what it takes to be a pro.

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