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What is the best sports betting technique to use to win your bets ? There are many effective techniques, but also habits that bettors make when betting. Sometimes it is not the right solution to get into complicated techniques and risk getting lost. These are mistakes that many punters make at the beginning and they end up getting burnt out because they don’t understand everything. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple. By implementing these tips, you will increase your chances of winning at betting and become a serious tipster.

The most effective sports betting technique: prefer single bets to combination bets

It is a known fact among top tipsters that making multi-line combination tickets is a mistake, especially for beginners. Everyone has done this, but it is not the best thing to do. Your chances of winning decrease drastically by doing Safe. So for the sake of your betting, prefer to make simple bets. This way, you will focus on one match and increase your chances of winning.

Be rigorous in managing your bankroll

The worst sports betting technique is to bet without counting. When you are a beginner, you sometimes don’t pay attention to your budget and you tend to overextend yourself. Know that it is important to have a good management of your bankroll when you are a beginner. It is known, even for experienced bettors, to bet only a percentage of your budget. There are several schools of thought. But as a beginner, set yourself limits. A good rule of thumb is to set a limit of 2.5% of your bankroll. It’s a happy medium and you won’t be panicked if you lose. The hardest thing is to keep a cool head after a loss. And it’s important that it doesn’t affect your entire budget.

No blind predictions

As a beginner, it is normal to want to progress and bet a lot. This is not the best technique for sports betting. You won’t necessarily get the most out of it. Because you will not have the right basics to analyze the bets as you should. The first actio is start by following sports betting experts who have good sports betting techniques. This way you will learn the basics and can then put them to good use. You should focus on one or two games, but don’t just throw in a dozen bets. Think about your method and take good advice from professional bettors.

Select the right Values Bet

You should always ask yourself this question. What is the value of the bet I am planning to make. You need to analyse the game, put the bookmaker’s analysis in front of it and analyse the odds. Without analysing the Value Bet, you are definitely going to hit the wall. There is little point in winning a bet if it is worthless. This is how you will gain experience and improve your sports betting technique.

Keep your previous analysis to hand

It will be important to keep track of your betting history. The best solution is even to create a notebook or file to keep track of your progress. This way, you will know which bettor you are, that is to say your betting profile.

You can also follow your return on investment. This is how you will know if you are a profitable bettor. The aim of the game is to stay positive and make money in the long run. In addition, you will be able to see which bets you are most comfortable with and which ones you win more on. This way you will be able to focus on what makes you win the most money. This could be the exact score or the upside.

Start from the beginning by making your predictions yourself and by hand

It is important to know that not everyone can afford a bookmaker. Moreover, you lose almost 20% of your bets by using this service. I am not saying that this is not interesting. On the contrary, if the budget allows it, it is a very good thing to make money faster. But as they are the ones who make the forecasts for you, it is normal that they are paid. You should find the necessary resources on our site to know where to go and what parameters to adopt for your sports betting technique. You have at your disposal a list of tools that will be useful for you to make your bet, know how and how much to bet.

This is how you will learn the ins and outs of sports betting and how to best manage your sports betting capital.

Playing it safe with your bets

There is no need to take foolish risks when making a bet. You need to understand certain things. For example, for a European Cup match, the odds on Portugal are 1.40. You have to consider that there is a risk even if they play against a weaker team. On the other hand, the odds on the draw are 5. If you play the payback of the draw if Portugal wins, you will get 1.40. That is, the odds of the win are 1.40. This is what we call an anti-double.

Understanding Variance in Sports Betting

If you don’t know the concept of variance, you are either a beginner or you don’t understand anything about sports betting. Variance is considered to be the difference between your predicted winnings and your actual winnings. By understanding this, you can fight against potential losses. It is important to understand that you will not win on all your predictions. However, if you can find a balance and make your winnings more positive than negative, you will always win. This is where you can judge the effectiveness of your sports betting technique.

Anticipating predictions

This is where the question of the value of the prediction comes in: the Value Bet. You should try to beat the closing odds by taking higher odds than the one announced. To do this, you will need to make a good analysis and have a flair for it. There is no point in taking odds too far in advance. However, you can bet the day before the match and see if it was in your best interest. This can pay off in the long run. Be careful not to bet your entire bankroll on this sports betting technique.

Follow several tipsters

In sports betting as in any other business, it is important not to put all your eggs in one basket. This way, you will increase your chances and be more likely to choose the most reliable tipster. Use specialists, some of them will be more efficient on football and others on basketball or tennis. It will also be important to highlight the odds given by the different bookmakers. You can then judge for yourself which one is the most interesting.

In the end, you will be able to decide which one gives the best predictions, makes the best analysis and makes you win the most money. You can then develop your sports betting technique based on some reliable models : 

  • Do you have to follow a particular tipster to get the right sports betting technique? Yes, it is possible if you find the right tipster, however, there is no ready-made technique and each bettor will have to set up his own method.
  • Should I write down all these predictions to improve my sports betting technique? Yes, it is a good solution to keep a history of all these bets and to quickly find past matches.
  • Is it necessary to bet a lot when you start betting on sports? In order to set up a good prediction strategy, it is important not to bet too much and especially not all your money. The management of the bankroll will be essential with the bet of a certain percentage to be profitable in the long term.
  • For a beginner, simple betting or combined betting as a sports betting technique?
  • For a novice in sports betting, it will be preferable to opt for simple bets at the beginning. This will make it easier to analyse the matches and focus on one particular bet.



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