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How to bet on Football on Bet365: Our Tips

25 January 2017
par admin

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You decided to bet on football but you don’t know how you should do this? Let us help you place a bet on football with Bet365

When it comes to football, anything can happen. Except in Bundesliga and Ligue 1, the leader in a football league could all of a sudden play badly and lose more games than they usually win while the underdog quickly beats all their opposing teams. Betting isn’t as simple as just placing money on your favourite team. Although we all want our football team to win, you should think of which team is more likely to win and this will in the end allow you to win some potential money.

Some of our tips for beginners

Checking Statistics and predictions

First check all your statistics. You may think that they are a strong team because you only remember them winning but you need to check how many times they have won against a strong team. You also need to check how many times they have lost and the statistics of both teams, even if they did not play together since years as it can happen for Euro 2016. Certain team match-ups have a habit of repeating outcomes. Another great way to make your decision is to check a variety of betting websites as well as your chosen betting site for their predictions for matches.

Predictions are usually based on previous matches; this will help you choose which team you may think will be the best one to bet on. Predictions aren’t ever accurate but they could validate your decision for your bet. When you check your statistics also make sure you check how the teams play on home ground and foreign ground and check where they will be playing.


For example:
Manchester United vs. Liverpool – All-Time League Games

  • Man United Wins Draws Liverpool Wins Man United Goals Liverpool Goals
  • All time League games 62 44 53 222 209
  • United at home for all time league games 39 25 15 132 73
  • Sir Alex in charge 25 13 15 72 63
  • United at home – Sir Alex in charge 14 7 5 39 23
  • Premier League 22 8 11 61 48
  • Premier League at home 12 4 4 32 19

Always keep up to date

Make sure that you always keep up to date with the teams that are in your betting championship. Once you know which players are more valuable than others you need to know if they will be playing in the match that you want to bet on and if they aren’t; if their replacements are able to perform like they do. At Bet365 there is a useful blog with some news and predictions.

For example: let’s say the best ranked players for goals for Liverpool are Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke, would Liverpool still be able to make enough goals to win if one of them were injured?


How to bet on Football on Bet365: Our Tips
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